10 Benefits of Hiring an Environmental Health and Safety Professional

Hiring a third-party Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professional for your next construction project provides significant advantages to your organization. Our site safety construction managers offer the credentials and experience you need and focus on keeping your employees safe.

Environmental Health and Safety professionals support continuous improvement at your jobsite and provide the following benefits to your company:

  1. Hiring a safety professional ensures someone educated and qualified to improve safety on your project and meet and exceed your safety goals. Having an Environmental Health and Safety professional onsite shows you take your employees safety and health seriously.
  2. A safety professional from our network will help your company simplify the process of finding the right safety professional for your job.
  3. An Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professional brings cost savings to your project. An investment in safety reduces injuries and illnesses and also reduces the direct and indirect costs associated with these incidents. Workers’ compensation costs and medical expenses will be lower and your company can avoid time lost due to accident investigations. A robust safety program improves productivity, profitability and offers an excellent return on investment.
  4. Safety professionals provide up-to-date knowledge of OSHA standards, policies and procedures. Having a safety manager on your jobsite means having a safety resource readily available. Safety Professionals are skilled communicators and are available to answer safety and health related questions as they occur on your project.
  5. Our safety professionals add multi-level support to your jobsite. Safety Consulting Specialists is led by a team of Board Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) with over 50 years of experience in safety management and consulting. We offer ongoing support–not only to our field safety team, but to your project.
  6. Safety professionals are on site to provide ongoing safety training, safety meetings and other necessary safety tasks. Our safety managers can customize safety training for your staff and coordinate safety activities when you need it.
  7. Safety professionals are trained to analyze safety data and strategize how to handle complex risks. Their sole focus on safety brings a unique perspective to your project.
  8. Environmental Safety and Health professionals minimize workplace health and safety hazards, maintain compliance and enforce safety standards. Additionally, their proactive approach enables them to find and fix hazards before they cause injury or illness to your employees. A good safety program improves employee morale and retention.
  9. OSHA views working with a third-party safety consulting company in a positive way. It shows good faith in taking safety seriously and making it a priority.
  10. Environmental Health and Safety Professionals are skilled at managing incidents/reporting and handling safety complaints/concerns. Onsite safety professionals lead to a safer environment for everyone on your jobsite.

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