A Proactive Approach to Workplace Safety: The Role of Safety Consultants

A safety consultant’s primary role is to assist with ensuring a safe workplace. Safety consultants are professionals with expertise in workplace safety regulations, risk assessment, and hazard management. They play a crucial role in helping organizations identify potential safety risks, implementing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. They assess workplaces and make recommendations for eliminating workplace safety hazards. They develop health and safety policies and procedures. Their day may include everything from performing audits and training, updating safety and health manuals, conducting accident investigations, and dealing with OSHA citations. Quality safety consultants have knowledge of safety, physics, chemistry, physical science, mathematics, industrial hygiene, fire safety, and business and are skilled at communication, safety training, and education. Often, every day looks different, and each day brings a new challenge.

When is the right time to hire a safety consultant?  Ideally, it would help if you got in touch before a problem arose. Being proactive in your approach to safety is the most advantageous position. However, consulting with a safety professional is essential whenever you have a safety issue. Safety consultants can work with a company’s (EH&S) Environmental Health and Safety team or individually address safety needs and help build a safety program for smaller companies or those without an official safety representative. While a reactive approach to workplace safety involves responding to accidents, incidents, and citations after they occur, a proactive approach aims to prevent accidents and minimize potential risks before they pose a threat. Safety consultants are well-equipped to support organizations in adopting this proactive mindset.

Consider the value of safety consultants:

Safety consultants are independent experts. Safety consultants are independent and not influenced by company politics, internal affairs, or your company’s past safety record. Unaffiliated and impartial, their goal is to identify opportunities to improve your organization’s safety and protect workers. Safety consultants are qualified specialists unaffected by your company’s day-to-day issues. They can find the areas that need to be addressed and offer an unbiased perspective. Their insight can be invaluable to improving the safety of your organization.

Safety consultants have specialized knowledge.  Expert safety consultants have up-to-date information about the best safety practices and the current OSHA and MSHA rules and regulations. Accomplished safety consultants hold credentials such as the CSP (Certified Safety Professional), attend seminars, and obtain continuing education credits. They can answer complex safety questions and bring experience and expertise to your business operations. They perform risk assessment analysis and bring new ideas to improve your organization’s safety and health programs. Due to their specialized knowledge, they can help you prepare in advance for any upcoming regulation changes. This proactive approach helps you avoid penalties and legal consequences.

Quality safety consultants have a wide range of experience.  Experienced safety consultants offer proven strategies and practical solutions to deal effectively with safety problems. They have worked with hundreds of clients of all different sizes and industries. Their hands-on skills are coupled with safety and health degrees and safety certifications. Safety consultants have safety awareness- they have seen safety issues and have technical experience solving them. A proactive safety consultant can identify and mitigate risks before they escalate into accidents and can significantly reduce workplace incidents, leading to a safer work environment for everyone.

Safety consultants offer a cost-effective approach to safety. Safety consultants are on-call as needed. They allow you to reduce overhead expenses and decrease insurance costs. Insurance companies like to see third-party safety consultants because it shows a commitment to safety and health. Safety incidents can mean production delays and equipment repair or costly litigation. There are direct and indirect costs involved when a safety incident occurs. Preventing accidents helps avoid medical expenses, workers’ compensation claims, and potential legal fees. Dedicated, responsive safety consultants are a phone call away and available 24/7, 365 days a year, providing a proactive way to manage costs.

Safety consultants reduce accidents. By offering worksite audits and comprehensive, customized safety training and equipment inspections, safety consultants can assist with reducing accidents and incidents at your facility, whether your company is new or has been in business for years. Effective safety consultants are authoritative and produce results. Safety consultants conduct thorough investigations to determine the root cause in the unfortunate event of an accident. They use this information to implement corrective actions that prevent similar incidents in the future. They are tenacious and thorough, always putting safety at the forefront.

Safety consultants improve the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your company. Safety consultants are business leaders who understand the relationship between safety and profitability. Safety consultants ensure OSHA and MSHA compliance. They can improve your company’s reputation and customer relationships by improving your safety culture. Building a safety culture is essential for long-term success. Safety consultants work closely with organizational leaders to instill a safety-first mindset, encouraging employees to actively participate in maintaining a safe working environment. They minimize inefficiencies and ensure equipment is in working order to reduce downtime. They develop safety procedures and complete safety inspections.

Safety consultants increase employee morale and loyalty with better safety practices.  Safety consultants can bring positive change to your organization. They motivate, train, and engage your employees. Safety consultants enable you to show your employees you care about their well-being by investing in safety and health. Safety consultants improve your safety culture and create a safer workplace for your employees. A safe workplace fosters a sense of security and well-being among employees, boosting morale and promoting increased job satisfaction.

Safety consultants provide detailed and practical safety training and education. Employee training is a critical component of proactive safety measures. Safety consultants can provide efficient safety training on topics relevant to your business. Their experience allows them to tailor safety training sessions to your needs. They have knowledge of OSHA and MSHA training requirements and offer training on safety topics such as cranes, heavy machinery, and hazardous chemicals. Safety consultants have excellent communication skills and are impactful teachers and trainers.

Working with safety consultants shows OSHA that you are operating in “good faith.” OSHA will consider attempts to comply when determining whether to cite a violation or reduce monetary fines. Safety consultants can ensure you have operated in good faith and have the necessary documentation to prove it. Safety consultants can help when you are dealing with OSHA.

Skilled safety consultants are problem solvers and multitaskers. Good safety consultants are problem solvers. They enjoy solving safety challenges. Safety consultants are engineers designing and implementing safety systems to protect human health, safety, and the environment. Safety consultants have a keen eye for detail and think outside the box. They anticipate and foresee potential safety problems and can handle everything from determining the correct PPE to correctly choosing fall protection systems. Resourceful safety consultants analyze and look at the overall situation to better the safety of your business.

Ensuring a safe workplace is essential for the well-being of employees, the reputation of your organization, and overall productivity. Whether you wish to assist your safety director or are a smaller company that does not need a full-time safety coordinator, hiring a safety consultant is a proactive approach to safety that will benefit your company. They play a crucial role in helping organizations identify potential safety risks, implementing safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. By leveraging their specialized knowledge, safety consultants can provide unbiased and objective insights that internal safety teams can overlook.

At Safety Consulting Specialists, we proactively address safety issues using a collaborative approach. Our safety consultants are true safety professionals. We have worked in the industry for decades, building skills and earning credentials while doing hands-on work on job sites and in various business environments. Our safety consulting services include Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) staffing, expert witness, crane and rigging, safety and health program development, and OSHA and MSHA  safety training. We offer assistance with third-party verifiers, AISC certification, and OSHA consultations. When you call us, you will speak directly to a safety professional who can answer your questions and immediately help you with your safety challenges. Contact us today!