In our fast paced world, work doesn’t stop just because the weather turns cold. Many workers are required to work outdoors despite the freezing temperatures. Construction workers, emergency, rescue, landscape, agricultural, utility and other employees who work outdoors are at risk of injury during winter months.

Here are some winter safety tips to help keep your employees safe:

  • Train supervisors and workers to prevent, recognize and treat cold induced injuries such as frostbite and hypothermia. Taking a First Aid & CPR class is a good way to prepare for the health problems associated with cold weather.
  • Monitor weather conditions using local weather stations and a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Weather Radio.
  • Develop work plans that identify potential winter hazards.
  • Encourage workers to dress in 3 layers. Winter hats, insulated, water- resistant gloves and boots with treaded soles may also be appropriate.
  • Promote safe winter driving in snow and ice and equip company vehicles with emergency kits. Be aware of other winter driving hazards in addition to snow, ice and sleet such as black ice, dew, fog and sun glare. Check batteries, tire tread and windshield wipers on all vehicles.
  • Use engineering controls when necessary such as shielding work from the wind. Provide access to warm areas and have workers take frequent breaks to warm up.
  • Encourage workers to stay hydrated.
  • Clear parking lots, walkways and entrances of ice and snow as soon as possible.

Workers should be educated about the symptoms of exposure to cold weather, safe work habits during the winter and emergency procedures in case of cold injury. With proper training, education and planning, your employees will remain safe on the job. Please reach out if you need more information about ways to keep your employees safe. We are always here to answer questions and discuss the safety services we offer. Call 919-417-2139 or email today.