This year, the National Safety Stand-Down will take place the week of May 2-6, 2022. This yearly event is designed to raise awareness about the risks of fall hazards. Falls remain a leading cause of workplace deaths each year and fall protection is one of the most frequently cited OSHA citations. Results of a fall hazard can lead to death, serious injuries, paralysis, broken bones, blunt trauma to the head and internal damage. Deaths and injuries can be prevented by planning ahead to get the job done safely. Employers are required to provide the correct fall protection equipment and train all workers to use the equipment effectively. The National Safety Stand-Down is an opportunity to ensure fall hazard risks are reduced or eliminated and train workers on this hazard.

It’s easy to conduct a stand-down and there are a number of ways your company can participate. Check  to see events in your area that are free and open to the public. You may also consider some of these ideas:

Safety Stand-Down Ideas:

  • Hold a toolbox talk focused on fall prevention.
  • Conduct a safety inspection of your Fall Protection System.
  • Develop a fall rescue plan for your organization.
  • Schedule a training session about fall protection.
  • Show a safety video relating to fall protection.
  • Organize a training session focused on roofing work safety issues.
  • Facilitate a demonstration of proper ladder or scaffold use.
  • Establish an emergency plan in the event of a workplace injury or fall.

Participation in this event demonstrates a commitment to workplace safety and health. If you would like more ideas for your Safety-Stand Down or to schedule a training session, please reach out to us by calling 919-417-2139 or emailing .