Safety Consulting Specialists Offers AISC Certification Assistance.

AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) Quality Management Systems (QMS) certification programs define the standards for the steel industry and are the most widely recognized in the industry. AISC was established in 1921 and is focused on the entire process of steel fabrication and erection. This rigorous evaluation will ensure that your business has conformed to the standards of excellence established by the AISC.

Benefits of Becoming AISC Certified:

  • Increased consistency in procedures
  • Improved safety management systems
  • Saved project expense and time
  • Fewer errors and delays
  • Higher quality product
  • Expanded project opportunities
  • Strengthened operations

Many company owners, general contractors, and projects require AISC certification.

Safety Consulting Specialists can help guide you through the process of becoming AISC- certified. We offer ongoing support with the application process and provide necessary safety training and mock auditing services. Contact us today, and we can give you more details about the AISC certification process and how it can benefit your business.