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A certified crane operator is a person who has completed a training program and passed a certification exam to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in operating cranes safely and effectively. To become a certified crane operator, one must typically meet specific eligibility requirements.

Once eligible, the individual must pass a written and practical exam that assesses their knowledge of crane operations, load charts, rigging practices, and safety procedures.

The job outlook is strong for certified crane operators. The growth in the construction and shipping industries is expected to create demand for crane operators. The increasing demand for renewable energy projects, such as wind farms, which require large cranes for installation, is also expected to contribute to the need for crane operators. Certified crane operators are valued in many industries that rely on cranes. By obtaining certification, operators demonstrate their commitment to safety and professionalism, which can help them secure higher-paying jobs and advance their careers.

Our comprehensive crane operator course emphasizes safety, communication, and adherence to regulations and industry standards to prevent accidents and injuries. We help individuals and companies through the certification process efficiently and effectively. Our crane operator course is offered at our site in Raleigh, NC, or your facility.

  • Load charts
  • Crane procedures
  • Power lines
  • OSHA regulations
  • Safe rigging
  • Crane set up
  • Crane inspections
  • Hand and radio signals
  • Personnel baskets
  • Hazard identification

By covering these topics and more, operators will be better prepared to operate cranes safely and avoid accidents or injuries on the job site.